Nov 28, 2008

Get your Christmas fix at Neimans!

As soon as one holiday ends....

another seems to begin!

After having two rounds of Thanksgiving meals yesterday at my parents house, two of my aunts, my mom, my sisters, and myself decided that the eating and socializing must still continue. We had our annual "Holiday Cheer" buffet at Zodiac at the downtown Neimans. If you live in Dallas and haven't been, the buffet menu is incredible...

Every year we have a fantastic time gabbing and catching up, but I can't say that I wasn't just as interested in seeing all of the elegant and always breathtaking holiday decor they put up at Neimans.

Zodiac is a vision within itself. Having been in business for 50 years, this restaurant's color scheme of black, white, and red accents give it a classic, graphic, and glamorous vibe.

Geometric shapes lining the walls give you something interesting to look at when waiting for the elevator

And the view going down the escalator isn't so shabby either!

We always like to stop in at the bridal department just for fun...looks like a beautiful winter wonderland

Red and gold envelope the first floor elevators...if this isn't an indication of the holidays, I don't know what is!

My favorite part- a very clever and cute indication of which elevator will be taking you upstairs- a red pendant (that almost appears to be floating) lights up when your elevator gets there!

Many Christmas trees were spaced throughout the first floor

Large, gorgeous chandeliers hung from the ceilings

The downtown Neimans is definitely unlike any other Neimans in Dallas and is such a fun experience. I love going there once a year to get my stylish Christmas decor fix! If you are in Dallas, be sure to swing by- they even have pics with Santa!


carolg said...

Loved the lunch at Neimans!! What a way to start Black Friday. Just sit and relax with family at a wonderful landmark in Dallas. Wonderful decor and it gets you in the Christmas spirit.

paperjunk-lc said...

As I child I used to think going to the Zodiac room was the coolest thing ever! Those models would stop by your table looking so glamorous! I still think its special place. Does anyone remember going to their fortnights? Great memories.
Thanks for sharing!