Nov 7, 2008

Design Contest- Sex and the City- Carrie and Big

Here’s a fun take on Sex & The City. By the way we received several S&TC entries and all are great. This is from Jette.

Ed at Swank

Carrie and Big’s Lounge as designed by Jette

The room reflects Carrie’s flamboyant character as well as the freshness and romance of her marriage with Big. It is more Carrie’s style than Big’s, but then again in most relationships it is the woman who takes control of decorating.

1) Lamp
Swank Lighting, Multicolored Stacked Ball Murano Lamps
2) Carpet
Designer Rugs, Akira: Haru
3) Sofa
Wright Now, sofa by Vladimir Kagan (1975)
4) Chaise Longue
Laura Ashley, Kempton Curved Chaise Longue
5) Chairs
Six Inch, New Classics: Louis Armless
6) Easy Chair
Kenneth Cobonpue, Yoda / Easy Chair
7) Bank Locker
Egg Designs, 2004 Furniture Collection
8) Side Unit
Jethro Macey, Textile Side Unit in collaboration with Decode London
9) Table
nobody&co, Scroll Table
10) Coffee Tables
Autoban, Pumpkin Coffee Table
11) Side Table, Sultan dog stool Ibride
12) Hanging Lamp, Delight white/white
13) Glass Bowl
Scholten & Baijings, Table Glass
14) Wallpaper
Hanna Nyman, Du som är väggen ner
15) Textile (for Curtains)
Marimekko, Harri Koskinen: Puhdas
16) & 17) Paintings
Mary Margaret Briggs
18) Pillow
Joom on Etsy: Yel..low Blooming Blossom Rectangle Pillow
19), 20) & 21) Pillows
Madeline Weinrib Atelier; Cherry Jam Satin, Luce Saffron & Turquoise Luce
22), 23) & 24) Pillows
Clarissa Hulse; Fireweed, Grasses & Mallow

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