Nov 16, 2008

Some amazing "pieces"!

Pieces has a new website! Be sure to check it out. If you've never heard of this Atlanta based showroom (open since May '04), they have loads and loads of furniture, pillows, and accessories that are just DRENCHED in bold color...there is nothing boring or unexciting here. This site is totally me- I am a color fanatic!

This chair was handmade in France...beautiful chartreuse color with gorgeous nailhead trim- a Fauteuil at its finest!!

What is my obsession with green lately? This geometric green pillow is sure to be your couch's lucky charm

I'm not normally into red, but I looove these vintage Chippendale dining chairs. In another color, they would look amazing in my Dining Room! A girl can dream!

You gotta have a pair of Turquoise Foo Dogs!

This large mirrored screen is painted in a white semi gloss and could add a big graphic punch to any room

I am definitely one of the girliest "Material Girls"- had to throw in something pink! For $1390, you can get a pair of fabulous fiberglass side chairs...just one of these would make such a cute little vanity chair

I am a big fan of black lamp shades. Although I often end up going with the safest choice for my own home- cream or white. But I definitely think the black shades on these lamps radiate a ton of panache!

Saved the best for last of course! Pieces even carries some pet accessories! I have recently gotten very into pet accessories as my parents just got a beagle puppy, Sammy, who would look so cute in this yellow raincoat! Christmas present maybe?


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I just love, love those fiberglass side chairs. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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