Nov 6, 2008

Design Contest- Six Feet Under- Claire Fischer

Here's another fun board from our design contest- Gina designed a bedroom for Claire Fischer, a character from one of my favorite shows (now off the air- what a shame!) HBO's Six Feet Under.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Tord Boontje and Rob Sheridan, Claire Fisher, the ever eccentric funeral home offspring, requires a bedroom that mimicks a cave retreat. Her personality, a mix of whimsical (and almost bashful) self-expression, with a raw punch of opinion, calls for an extra dash of bold when creating her sacred space. It must clash beautiful with the edge. It must combine rough texture with soft undertones. It must be an artist's vision of individuality.

The room mixes earth elements with glossy diva. There are solid pieces such as the thick mill work, crown molding and furniture accents (the Swank Amber lamps make a bold statement!). Femininity shows through the lush bedding, pillows, rugs and chandelier. The artwork hints at intangible elements. It can be switched out with new projects and favorite photography. Claire enjoys displaying a few of her own pieces (such as the pieces of her late brother, Nate) as well as some of her favorite photographers' collections.

Ever the soulful romantic, Claire's room is dark and cozy. She can curl up with a book, listen to music or just lay under her Boontje sculpture and dream.

The concept of Claire's room combines pieces from the following artists and designers: Ralph Lauren, Amanda Kavanagh, Tord Boontje, Brocade Home, Rob Sheridan, Swank Lighting, Anthropologie, Shabby Chic and Jayson Home and Garden.

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Ann said...

All those pieces suit Claire's personality. And yes I quite miss the show sometimes, now you know I do watch it too. Great job.