Nov 3, 2008

Historic Greystone Estate

Once a year, a team of interior designers are selected to each design a participating room at the Historic Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills. After much anticipation, "The Great House" opens it's doors each November for a short period of time where ticket holders can view the rooms & attend lectures. All proceeds of the event benefit Greystone Estate.

If you live in the LA area or plan to visit within the next two weeks, you can access ticket info on the website: Beverly Hills Garden Showcase.

Unfortunately, they haven't published any pictures of this year's rooms for me to post. However, there has been a great deal of media coverage and I am sure pictures will be circulating eventually for those of you who are not in the LA area. I, myself, will be at the Estate for an event next week - I'll see what info I can relay back!

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