Nov 13, 2008

Another Etsy talent on the horizon!

About a year ago, the word Etsy was a very foreign concept to me...What's that? I wondered. Everyone was talking about this so called Etsy! So I logged on for the first time last November to find an illustrator for our blog header (ended up finding the very talented Brooke Hagel) and had great luck with the site. It was like a hidden world, that Etsy! A ton of talented, up and coming artists all in one place! How did I not know about this site before?

So just recently I discovered another Etsy talent, Matt Weaver. He excels in exterior architectural drawings-you give him a few pictures of your house, he draws it by hand, digitizes it, colorizes it, and then you select how you would like to have it delivered- as a digital file or, for an additional fee, printed on your choice of media.

We love this! He's so talented and detailed...I have always admired those who can's something that I have continuously worked at but my drawings have never looked this good!

Here are a few from his Etsy shop

What a great gift to give someone for the upcoming holidays!


Cote de Texas said...

I love this! best think I've seen in Etsy - for a while. really really great.

Paloma said...

This is such a fantastic idea! Love it!