Nov 18, 2008

Men are from Mars...

I have been meaning to blog about this bathroom since I got back from the Kitchen and Bath Industry show in April. Meredith Corporation puts together full size model kitchens and bathrooms for each of their magazines in the middle of the trade show floor. This bathroom designed by Robert Young, the senior design and project editor for Traditional Home and co-designer Toshie Lim, CKD, CBD was completely stunning in person. The concept was, "if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how on earth can they share a bathroom?" The answer, separate his and hers areas with one common area (this is becoming very popular in new homes).

I think what really made my jaw drop was the custom art-glass mural by Erin Adams design for Ann Sacks.

The view from the common room looking into her bathroom area.

I think I may actually prefer the Man's suite. What about you?

To read more and for product specifications click here!

Photographs by Greg Scheidemann


City Girl said...

I missed this issue, thanks for posting. Beautiful Master Bath and I agree, I prefer His. The Erin Adam's mural is stunning!!

TonicHome said...

I do love the man's suite the best. I cannot believe those murals are tile. They are so beautiful!

Yoli said...

Oh the Erin Adam's mural had me mesmorized!