Nov 8, 2008

Design Contest- Sex and the City- Samantha Jones

We even had some design student entries! This one here is from Khoi, Megan, and Stephanie from The University of Oklahoma (my alma mater). Going by the name of "Haute Designs", these three student designers created a living area for Samantha Jones, of Sex and the City.


Haute Designs- Room Design Concept
The concept of the space was to take a favorite tv character and design a space around their personality, while incorporating SWANK lighting into the design. For our concept, we chose the very bubbly and vivacious Samantha from Sex and the City. Samantha is her own person, a literal Venus of the 21st Century, she is not afraid of being herself and getting what she wants.
For her Manhattan loft, we chose a very architecturally classic space, to reflect her classic beauty. To create contrast, the space is enveloped in white high-gloss wood trim and furniture to reflect her shining personality. The bold turquoise walls is as stylish as Samantha, never one to shine away from the spotlight, so we in turn shone the spotlight on the space. The space is furnished in very classical furniture juxtaposed with clean and mod fabric to also remind everyone of Samantha's bold personality.
The light that was chosen also took into consideration of her as a woman, the sensuous curves of the Ice Blue Pulegoso Murano lamps, embraces the bold and dynamic lampshade, it lies in perfect harmony with the classic and stylish Murano glass. The second choice for the lamps were the Dino Martens Filigrana and Fruit Murano Lamps, they have the classical forms that inhabits the room along with the bold and colorful pattern that lies on the couch. We feel that this space is the perfect space for Samantha, it is bold yet refined, tasteful yet provocative and of course it looks great with Manolos.
Perspective drawing of Samantha in her Manhattan loft


Ivy Lane said...

mmm.... I always thought of Samatha as a sleek modern mama...yes she is a classic beauty, but with an edge.

I could see Charlotte in this space more than I can see Samantha there...

Tiaa said...

This is fabulous! I agree with Ivy Lane though. In my opinion, it is more fitting for Charlotte. It's still fabulous!

Woman Captured said...

Ah, I would give anything to have "The Material Girls" help re-design our boudoir boutique. We are a boudoir studio and our decor inspiration is totally Marie Antoinette a la Sofia Coppola. You guys rock!