Feb 18, 2009

Bar Breton, NYC

A very talented mill worker and designer whom I've worked with in the past just shared his latest project with me. Bar Breton is a new casual restaurant in the Flatiron area of Manhattan (actually a block away from my old office). I had walked by the space a million times before and had been inside briefly during construction. It was very dark and dingy in it's previous life so you could imagine my surprise and delight with the finished project. I had to share with all of you!

I love the fresh colors of soft mauve and yellow and the white millwork. According to the designer, Francois Chambard of UM Project, many interior elements are a mix of old a new. The table tops are made from reclaimed wood as well as Corian, an unusual but stunning combination. UM's website also explains the organization of the restaurants space with the front having the feel of a traditional bistro.

Note the detail of the reclaimed wood and Corian table top above!

Different lighting helps define the spaces with the middle of the restaurant acting as the "classic bar with intimate booths". I also know that the booths were original to the former restaurant. Simply refinishing them is always an eco-friendly option. I really like the simple "post style" of the wall fixtures and the light pattern they leave on the wall.

I think the back is my favorite part of the space. I especially love the mix and match chairs and tables and white mill work. It makes you feel like you're eating in a friends kitchen which is exactly how the designer wants you to feel: "the back suggests an old country house living room."

The crowning jewel may be this intricately carved fixture with hanging goblets.

Thanks to Francois for sharing his work with me! Photos courtesy of UM Project's website. Bar Breton serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, Dinner and Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Um, 1 for brunch, a table in the back please!

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