Feb 9, 2009

Living la dolce vita!

Our friend Paloma over at La Dolce Vita blog has just launched Decorum Design Forum!

Its mission: it was created as as an extension of the stylish living blogging community with the idea that it would be an easier way to interact with multiple people at one time. Decorum is intended to be a place where people with similar interests can share ideas, ask for and receive advice, and discuss issues related to interior design and living "la dolce vita".

What a great concept- and just one more site for me to obsess over and chat up a storm!

We've already joined and so have a ton of others. You go Paloma!

1 comment:

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Thank you for including this, girls! I'm excited to see you on Decorum. XOXO