Feb 2, 2009

Twig 1 vs. Twig 2

I found two very similar (but also very different) twig side tables.

You have two trendy elements put together in each piece- Organic + Metallic

Without telling you where each is from, how do you think these two measure up?

Twig Contestant #1:
-Black stone top
-Metal on metal tripod base
-"silvered tree branch look"
-17" diameter
- Was $399, now marked down to $299

Twig Contestant #2:

-White marble top
-Antiqued brass intertwining legs
-16.5" diameter

Which twig tripod would make it into your home?


Anonymous said...

love the 2nd, very clean lines.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I like number 2 as well. I love the finish.

Betsey said...

#2 looks nicer to me too!

Jennifer said...

#2 would go nicely in my den!

julia b. edelmann said...

The second choice is by far more elegante!

Diana said...

I have the 2nd one in my home. To me I love the warmth and lightness of color (the actual weight is heavy). Often when I see a close match of something I already have, I might question if the other would have been a better choice. In this comparison, I have no regrets !

Diana said...

I love the second one, and Do have it in my home. Often when I later see something that looks "close" to what I already have, I'll question or regret what I purchased, but for my house the 2nd one looks much better. The white marble and gold color have the light and warm look I like. Hard to tell the quality of the first one, but the wrap of the 3 twigs looks inferior.

Anonymous said...

I prefer #1 - less literal, feels more like a reference which makes it more modern; prefer the cool tones of the silver.