Feb 1, 2009

Calling all readers with paint problems: February's Challenge

Is your home feeling blah? Are your builder's beige walls finally getting to you? Not to worry, you are not alone!

I can't tell you how many consultations I've gone on where people want strictly color/paint advice. I experienced a similar situation a few weeks ago when I got a call from my boyfriend's sister who told me that I need to come to Georgetown ASAP to fix her color problem (or lack thereof). Her walls "look lifeless", she said. The same neutral color flows throughout her entire new house and she needed paint advice from a designer STAT. I designed her pediatric dentist office this summer (with bright colors galore) and then she comes home at the end of the day to a lackluster color scheme of neutral upon neutral upon neutral. Sigh.

A home should reflect one's personality and when it doesn't reflect anything, well it can end up looking pretty dismal.
I always tell people that one of the easiest, most affordable, and quickest way to give your home a makeover is through paint. What better way to express yourself and to highlight your art, furnishings, accessories?

For this months challenge, please send me up to three rooms that are in desperate need of a paint revamp! If you only have one or two rooms, no problem- send it my way! These can be bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, powder rooms, dining rooms (you get the jist).

To enter the contest, please email me, Emily (emily@ejinteriors.net) with the following (please submit by 2.28.09):

**At least four 4 images of all angles of the rooms you wish to repaint (can send up to three rooms) and send photos of existing flooring
**Images of any connecting rooms (to make sure the colors flow well with the rest of your house)
**General colors that you like, general colors that you dislike
**What you want the overall feel of the room to be? Dramatic, light and airy, warm and homey, etc.
**Please send photos of the existing furniture in the rooms as well as any existing fabric swatches (winner will be asked to mail- if possible, any fabric swatches to me that way we can make sure we get the closest match possible for your room!)
**Please state or show lighting conditions in the room
**I can choose paint from these vendors: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Farrow and Ball- please state in the email which vendor fits your budget and location.
**Please specify which areas of the room need to be painted- walls, moulding, ceiling, built-ins, etc.

After the first fifty entries or the last day of the month (whichever comes first), we will post a note on our blog that the giveaway submittal window has ended.

Here is a reminder of our contest calendar:

1st- Challenge announced
15th- Previous month's challenge winner announced on our blog as well as a solution to the challenge.
Last day of the month- All entrants must be emailed to the designer who is taking on that month's challenge.

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