Feb 2, 2009

Southern Chic

One of our readers emailed me this showroom's website because it's one of her favorites and she thought it might be of interest to us Material Girls and our readers. Thank you so much Laurel!

The name of the showroom is SummerHouse and it's located in Ridgeland, Mississippi.
They have a great website- flash photos that give you a complete tour of their showroom (the only downside of flash is that I couldn't import more photos to show you guys!)

Southern showroom road trip, anyone?
We can start in Texas and make our way to Louisiana and visit Julie Neill, then head on over to SummerHouse in Mississippi, and then drive on over to Pieces in Atlanta! Then we will finish up the trip in Florida where we will lay on the beach in Miami for days. Sound like a plan?


Jerod said...

I love the Zebra rug look, even better the faux Zebra Rug Look! The person that sent this showroom in, is totally right, This is a really awesome Showrrom!

Thank you for letting me Post a Comment,
Jerod from Yourfurniturelink and Mortise & Tenon LA

Jennifer said...

Thank you for posting the Summerhouse showroom. I enjoyed looking through.

Captiva Home Design said...

Very nice design. Thanks for some idea share in home decorating. I'll come back often.