Feb 24, 2009

House Beautiful Magazine 30 Days of Color

Check out the House Beautiful Magazine's website for a daily dose of color tips from their experts for the next 30 days. You can get daily information on how to use color, where to use color, and other ideas for using color.

Here are some of the articles featured online on the House Beautiful website:
*30 Days of Color: House Beautiful's best of color.

*An Expert's Insight on Choosing the Right Colors: All of your color questions answered.

*The Ultimate Color Scale: Which Side of the Scale Do You Fall On?

*The Most Outrageous Paint Colors: 12 designers share their most daring paint choices.

*Which Paint Color Is the Hardest to Get Right?: Seven designers tell us which are the hardest to get right.

And, of course, there is just a few days left to submit your very own rooms for our Design Challenge this month: Don't miss out on color advice from our very own MG blogger Emily and to have your project featured here on the Material Girl blog!

1 comment:

Averill said...

I really liked House Beautiful's color feature this month -- particularly the New Orleans house with its rich colors and amazing antiques!

[Btw, just randomly stumbled on your blog and it's great!]